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Welcome to In Command Drum Major Academy. The objective of any drum major should be to facilitate the peak performance from the ensemble both during competition and during rehearsal. In Command Drum Major Academy is dedicated to furthering the art of leadership, conducting, and parade skills. This is accomplished by guiding students from the rudiments to advanced techniques of leading a performance, with particular emphasis on leadership, physical technique, and musicianship.

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What We Teach:
- Conducting/Corps Style for Field and Concert Drum Majors
  - Mace Baton for Parade, Band Review, and Solo competition
  - Military Baton for Parade, Band Review, and Solo competition
  - Leadership and Band Management for all student leaders.

Being selected to stand on the podium does not make someone a leader; you must earn the respect of the group you were selected to lead to be effective. In Command Drum Major Academy will discuss leadership responsibilities and how to succeed as a drum major. Having confidence in your abilities as a drum major will strengthen your ability to be a successful leader.

Competition Preparation:
Participation in drum major solo competitions is a beneficial way to improve skills in the off-season, and to prepare your skills before you are selected as an official Drum Major. Enrollment in these off-season competitions is strongly encouraged as adjudicators are very knowledgeable and can help improve your performance. In Command Drum Major Academy teaches and drills the basic and advanced skills that will enable you to create your own competition routines and be competitive at any level and prepare to lead your ensemble in competition.

Musical selections for competitions and practice should be consistent with the student's skill level. A basic requirement for any drum major is to be able to interpret the music, particularly in regard to tempo, meter, and style. In Command instructors can help you select music to broaden your versatility in conducting or marching to different types of music. It is also important to scale the complexity of the music to the student's abilities. As skills improve, the complexity can be increased.

Leadership Seminars:
In Southern California's highly competitive circuits, we have found that group leadership seminars for your student leadership can greatly help an organization's mental focus, group unity, and rehearsal productivity throughout the season, leading to more productive rehearsals, better performance, and higher personal goals for the entire program. We highly suggest harnessing the most from the students who desire to drive the program and give them the tools they need to lead their squad, section, ensemble, and band!

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